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Welcome to RFK

As The Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, A Collaboration Of 6 Autonomous Pilot Schools, We Are Committed To Educating K-12 Students To Be College, Career And World Ready. We Embrace Respect For Diversity, Creativity, Innovation, And Social Justice.
We believe that all students attending RFK Community Schools deserve a high-quality instructional program that meets their individual needs. Students come with valuable assets and thrive when our schools, families, and community partners work together in professional learning communities. We welcome a diversity of cultures, ethnicities, languages and nationalities. We believe that openness to different perspectives fosters empathy, integrity, collaboration and mutual respect which leads to a school community of engaged global citizens. We believe that cultivating creativity, problem-solving and innovation will result in a vibrant learning community and will positively affect our world. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure educational equity and access for our students, parents, and community members. Through our collective voice, we work collaboratively to leverage resources, utilize opportunities, and advocate for social change.
What Is A Pilot School
A Pilot School is an autonomous small school with additional autonomies to allow for focused study pathways. Pilot Schools were established in 2007 as role models of educational innovation and as research and development sites for effective teaching and learning in urban public schools. Pilot Schools are part of Los Angeles Unified School District, however they retain autonomy over their instructional program, schedule, staffing, calendar and budget  This increased flexibility enables the schools to further meet the needs of students and parents as determined by staff and community members. We believe that student engagement and achievement increases when schools are small, personalized, mission-driven, and have autonomy over their resources in exchange for increased accountability. Pilot schools are committed to providing equity, access and excellence for every student.
The Welcome Center at RFK
The Welcome Center serves as a central hub for the six schools located at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools. Our staff will make every effort to provide you with prompt and courteous service during your visit.

We are located at the intersection of 7th St. and Catalina St. The office is open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. daily (excluding school holidays).

Visitors are Welcome
In accordance with our Closed Campus Policy all visitors are required to sign-in at the Welcome Center and obtain a VISITOR PASS prior to entering campus. Your cooperation is appreciated.